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Education Through Athletics

Zion students receive physical education instruction twice a week, in which they are introduced to a variety of sports and teamwork activities. 

  • Respect- to display and embody the philosophy of good sportsmanship behavior.

  • Discipline- to push yourself to be and do your best on a daily basis.

  • Teamwork- to work together, share, complement each other, and achieve more as a team than by oneself.

  • Listening- to reinforce the importance of being a good listener by following rules and directions of games and applying what is heard from classmates, teachers, and parent

  • Faith- to understand that God gives us challenges every day so that we learn to never give up no matter how arduous the task.

In addition to P.E. classes during the school day, students also can participate in after-school competitive sports.

Cross-country:        Grades 3-8 Co-ed
Volleyball:               Grades 3-8 Girls' Team and Boys' Team

Basketball:              Grades 3-8 Girls' Team
                                Grades 3-8 Boys' Team
Track & Field:          Grades 3-8 Zion students are eligible to participate in the Spring

                                CYO track & field meet.

After-School Enrichment Programs and Clubs

ALL Zion after-school activities are held on the Zion Lutheran School campus, with the exception of away games for after-school sports. 

Study Hall/Extended Care
Study Hall/Extended Care is available to students from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for $14.00 per day. ($7.00 from 3:00-4:30 pm and an additional $7 for pick-up after 4:30 pm until 6:00 pm.)
Engineering For Kids
Open to grades K-5. Through exciting and educational Science, Engineering, and Robotics activities, students are empowered with hands-on tools
to spark their creativity and imagination. The S.T.E.M. program, with an emphasis on engineering, is designed to introduce students to the job of an engineer, the field of engineering, and basic concepts of engineering as they 
relate to the science of electrical engineering as well as concepts of physics, motion, and energy. Program fee.
Academic Chess
Students learn chess strategies, chess openings, and solve chess diagrams/puzzles. A one-hour chess class consists of 30 minutes of chess lessons and 30 minutes of playing time. The curriculum is designed to fit the needs of all levels. Continuing and new students are welcome. Program fee.


Mandarin Chinese 

Open to all grades. The curriculum gives students the opportunity to better understand the Chinese language and culture. Beginning and Intermediate classes are offered. Program fee.

Math Counts

Open to grades 6-8. Be a part of a nationwide middle-school Math competition.


Private Music Lessons

Open to all grades. Various private music teachers provide individual instruction in violin, piano, or guitar. The lesson fee will be determined by each music teacher.

Spring Musical Rehearsals
Students in grades 5-8 who are part of the stage cast or stage crew have rehearsals during the winter and spring semesters. 

Yearbook Club

Open to 8th Grade. Fridays. Help record and design a yearbook capturing wonderful memories at Zion!

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