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Tuition and Financial Aid


2023-2024 Annual School Tuition and Fees:  $10,800
Annual tuition includes books, field trip fees, classroom fees, insurance, and technology fees. 

2023-2024 Parent Teacher League (PTL) fee: $350
$200 of the PTL fee will be refunded after school volunteer service is completed (of these volunteer hours, a minimum of10 hours must be towards either a fundraising event or other school-wide event/activity)

Additional School Fees (varies by grade):

2023-2024 Outdoor Education Fees

4th Grade   $300

5th Grade   $350

6th Grade   $400

7th Grade   $650

8th Grade   $950

Middle School Personal Device: Middle school (6th, 7th, & 8th grade) students will be allowed to access the ZLS wireless network with their devices (laptops or Chromebooks) to receive educational instruction as part of an integrated curriculum.  Approved student personal devices will access the school network and be used to collaborate with teachers and other students. Middle school students will be required to have a personal device that meets ZLS minimum requirements.


Financial Assistance Programs at Zion Lutheran School

Financial assistance towards school tuition is available for students entering grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. The following programs are available to aid in meeting families' financial needs. For more details, please contact the Admissions Office at 415-221-7500 ext. 205. 
Need-Based Financial Aid
For K-8th grade students entering private schools for the first time, The BASIC Fund, awards scholarships based upon financial need. Please visit The BASIC Fund website for eligibility guidelines.

Zion Lutheran School assists families with K-8th grade students who have demonstrated financial need. The financial aid process is confidentially evaluated. This process begins with a family completing a FACTS Financial Aid Assessment. Please visit the FACTS website for additional information. To apply for financial aid, please see here.

Multiple-Child Discount
A family with multiple children who are enrolled in Kindergarten-8th grade students will receive a tuition discount as follows: 2nd child discount of $500, 3rd child discount of $1000. This discount is applied to the family's total tuition amount.

New Student Referral Incentive Program
The New Student Referral Incentive Program awards a referring Zion Lutheran School family with a $500 tuition credit for each new student that is referred to, enrolls in, and completes a full academic year at Zion Lutheran School.  The $500 tuition discount will be applied to the referring family's tuition the year following the new family's completion of a full year of enrollment.

Pastor Discount
A parent employed in full-time pastoral ministry at a local Christian church may be eligible to receive a 20% discount in tuition for their K-8th grade student(s). Please contact the Admissions Office for more information and the Pastor Discount Application form.

Zion Lutheran Church Member Discount
Active church membership at Zion Lutheran Church offers families with K-8th grade students a 20% discount on tuition. Please contact the Admissions Office for a Zion Lutheran Church Member Tuition Discount Application form.

Payment plans

Various tuition payment plan options are available. Tuition payments are made through the FACTS Payment Processing System. 

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